Contact information:


    • Name
    • Title
    • Address
    • Birthdate
    • Sex
    • Email 
    • Phone number / mobile phone number
    • Initials
    • Fax


    Additional personal information / preferences:


    • Family status
    • Family members
    • Driving license (type)
    • Profession
    • Requests e.g. for information, test drive
    • Preferred dealer
    • Hobbies
    • Preferred method of payment
    • Preferred contact channel
    • VIN
    • Company name


    Identification data:


    • Customer number / customer ID
    • Contract number


    Customer history:


    • Customer satisfaction rates (and additional information from selfcare platform)
    • Received offers
    • Car purchase data incl. model, configuration, date of purchase, date of registration, licence plate number, date of order, date of delivery, car holder, list price
    • Warranty information
    • Residual value
    • BMW Financial Services Information (contract information e.g. method of payment, leasing duration, mortgage)
    • Optional information within insurance "Roland Schutzbrief" (e.g. vehicles in household, usage of mobility services)
    • Purchase details of parts, accessories and lifestyle products
    • Data collected during dealer visits (e.g. requests, consultation information, responsible sales consultant, service history)
    • Campaign history / campaign responses
    • Optional customer data on owned vehicles from other manufacturers through e.g. BMW used car platform
    • Participation in events (location, company)
    • Complaint history
    • Service history


    Vehicle usage data:


    • If the customer has a connected drive account, it is possible to use the following data:
    • Tank fill level
    • Remaining (cruising) range
    • RTTI-data (input navigation data)
    • Outside temperature
    • Location position (including pick-up (in case of a rental car) or park position in case of a parked vehicle and only with activated connected drive account)
    • Mileage
    • Average speed
    • Use of digital services


    App/ website/ social media data:


    • If the customer has registered or logged in, it is possible to use the following data:
    • Average app usage data (click behavior inside the apps)
    • Location information
    • Use of online entertainment
    • Use of the visited website of the BMW Group
    • Cookie data (depending on the approval of cookie policies)
    • Use of the BMW social media websites (e.g. visits to and posts in forums)
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